Just got $25 cashback from fatwallet

Just got another $25 cashback from fatwallet. I’ve been using fatwallet to redirect me to many online retail store website to buy stuff, everything basically. So I get cashback for Fatwallet, and another cashback on my credit card, and if you’re lucky you get more cashback from your favorite store membership, it’s a win win situation 🙂

I know $25 isn’t much, but it just replaced my broken GPS and Dashcam which had just been robbed earlier today. The funny thing is the thieve(s) left something in my car that is as valuable, because he/she probably forgot about it while trying to get away. The thieve(s) must have been happy to get into my car because it was unlock, all other cars in the neighborhood probably locked, just mine isn’t 🙂 I welcome all thieve(s) to my car, because I got nothing 🙂