A week into using my Amazon Fire phone

First of all, I would like to share my purchasing experience from Ebay. A seller sold these Amazon phones for $110 with Amazon Prime one year extension or new account. Well, it didn’t work. I got the Amazon Fire Phone from them, registered it and expect to see my Amazon prime updated to additional year, but nope, didn’t work.

I contacted the ebay seller, and I got a generic message indicated that they sold thousands of these phones and amazon prime all of a sudden terminated the contract or whatever reason don’t offer the Prime anymore. The seller even created a petition to get amazon to resume the prime membership for these phones. I’m thinking maybe the seller is specialized in refurbished phones, not Fire Phone, but maybe others also and sell them cheap online.  Phones looks good to me, just like new, can’t tell if it’s refurbished. Anyhow, after thinking for a while, I’ve decided to keep the phone and they supposed to refund me $25 as partial refund, will see how that go.

Now the phone. It’s limited on apps, but I think standard apps you might be looking for already there, but for sure a lot less than the Android, iPhones apps. Hopefully amazon will have more apps later. Now with an unlocked Amazon Fire Phone, you can Mod it to CM11 or so, latest Android OS, then you can run it just like any Android phone, so call Gapps (google apps, market place).

I think the phone is nice, sleek, a little thicker than the iphone 6, but look at the price, new one $139, versus iphone 6 new one $500. You get what you pay for as many people are saying. Would I recommend Fire Phone? not really, unless you got an unlocked version and Rooted it to CM11 (Cyanogen Mod) latest Android OS.