Got $6 eBay Bucks Certificate

Just got $6 eBay Bucks Certificate, and I suggest using it right away! immediately! because these certificate from ebay bucks will expire and sooner than you think. Chances are you may forget, and they will never ever issue you a new one, ever!

It had happened to me that they issued me a good $20 eBay Buck certificate to use, but I forgot about it and it’s gone. I tried to contact Ebay for a replacement one, but they said “no” no mercy, since that listed clearly under their Terms of Service agreement and you clicked to accept that agreement!

Now a day a lot business will pay you to shop at their store, including credit card companies and will pay you some cash back, either points to convert to cash or to gift cards to spend. Typically it’s all gift cards where you would need to spend it a specific store.