The Martian movie how did those raw fresh potatoes survived the trip from Earth to Mars?

I think there is a flaw to this movie “The Martian”. During the movie, the question I asked was, how does those potatoes survived the original trip from Earth to Mars? stayed fresh and raw and was able to root and grow.

So I’m home now and I went online to Google and research about it and it appears that potatoes will stay fresh for a maximum of 4 months with the right temperature and storage area. So how did NASA able to store the potatoes stay raw and fresh, and was able to re-grow? I’m thinking it might be possible, but I’m seeing those potatoes in the movie as raw and fresh like you just bought from the groceries market.

Maybe it’s like milk. Milk have a date stamp of must use by, or must sell by, but the truth is with the right temperature storage, then it could last several weeks after that date. So if we use the same concept as when the milk was bottled to the time of the date stamped and to the date it will actually go bad storing with the best most optimized environment it would double the amount of time. So I think it’s possible for those potatoes from the movie “The Martian” to last that long.