InstagGC 2015 Holiday Bonus Program

InstaGC is a paid program to people who does surveys, watching videos or listen to radio. Yes they do pay, but don’t expect much, maybe few bucks a month, but it’s free money for the things that you’re already doing such as watching TV, listening to radio, doing research online and so on. Why not get paid for it.

Don’t cheat though, that include multiple accounts, skip through surveys, using bots and all that, it will not last long  🙂

Anyhow if you’re in the program, you can earn some extra points if you meet your goals and so on. Even get some points for just putting the code “holidaybonus2015”

The Holiday bonus program is now underway. From October 1st through December 31st you will be able to redeem bonuses on points earned throughout the time period. Complete goals to unlock a higher bonus with a max of 10%. More information / FAQ’s can be found at

Enter HolidayBonus2015 at for free points.

Over 558,500+ gift cards have been redeemed in total so lets get that to over 600k+ by Dec 31st!