I think Amazon Fire TV stick is better than the Google Chromecast

I have Google Chromecast, actually two, and it’s been serving me well. A crash here and there, but I think it’s just some glitch. I’ve watched Google Movie with it, and everything else on youtube, it’s awesome. The only problem is, it doesn’t have Amazon Prime Videos as one of its compatible apps.

However on the other hand, the Amazon Fire TV stick appears to have youtube and and everything else including Amazon Prime videos apps that broadcast on it.

Yeah sure, google Chromecast can broadcast whatever on your computer screen or whatever and steam it to your TV, but good luck streaming HD movies from your laptop or mobile devices expecting HD movies to play smoothly, well it doesn’t. I tried it already.

So today I did some further research and most likely I will be selling Chromecast once I get the Amazon Fire TV stick which should get delivered tomorrow, will see.

Now, don’t spend a ton of money on the Amazon Fire TV especially that $50 unit will deliver in October 22nd with voice recognition. You can do similar with $39 version by using Amazon App, you can speak to it on your phone app and control it. The $50 version have voice built into the remote control.