Will Tigerdirect Mcafee honor exact date of 30 days rebate?

*** updated 12/29/2015 *** It’s been three months, and I finally got a confirmation that my rebate will be fulfilled. In fact I saw statuses changes from Declined to Approved! 5-7 weeks for the AE rebate delivery. Will see if they really sending it. Stay tuned for another update!


I think I got a good deal on Tigerdirect for Mcafee multi access antivirus and security protection for my computer. The deal was 2 16gb usb thumb drives, and Mcafee multi access software for $60, but $3 tax which is no big deal.

I will get the $60 back if I enrolled in Mcafee automatic renewal for 10 months.

I tried to enroll but it didn’t work, it said something wrong with my credit card or information. I kept trying with different credit card and so on. In the end I thought because in my house address there’s already an account setup for auto-renewal which will expires in three weeks. So I waited and it expired, and I went back to the new account and tried the new renewal and it work. I don’t know if this is just a coincident where during the time it didn’t go through due to some technical difficulties for a few days.

So I got the information required for the $60 rebate, but it was 30 days period it mus post marked. However I don’t know what was the starting day for a post mark 30 days, is it the purchase date, ship date, received date or date I installed the software? I don’t know, will see. Stay tuned! see I get the $60 rebate 🙂