Will AMD honor old game code coupon even though it said invalid due to passed 60 days?

So I got a game code from a purchase I made at Tigerdirect for a R7 Sapphire GPU and it came with a few game code card coupon. I didn’t feel the need to play any game until mos later and I mean long time after I purchased the GPU and I’ve decided to redeem those coupon code.

One in particular is the Battlefield 4. I scratched out the code, and entered that code on AMD website, but it said invalid. Now clearly I see that it said on the card, must redeem within certain period of time, but I thought I may try anyways today 🙂 Well it didn’t work.

So I tried to contact AMD and APU support responded and asked me to provide proof of purchase and the actual coupon code scanned clearly. I did all that and submitted to to AMD APU support, let see what they come back with. Below is the email I got from them initially. Stay tuned 🙂

Updated: AMD did not honor my game code redemption, no exception.


Please send us a clear image, scanned photo or screen shot of your entire Unique Coupon code along with your receipt/order invoice for your product purchase so we can verify your code/account.

Thank you for your cooperation.

AMD4U Support