Rakuten misadvertisement on the Amazon Fire Phone $105?

Yesterday I received a Rakuten email advertising the Amazon Fire Phone for $105 after Savings Coupons (instant) but the price didn’t come out to be as advertised.

Basically I clicked on the advertisement on the email which took me to the Fire Phone and it said $134 minus instant saving of $14, that come out to be $120 not $105. I thought I might clicked on the wrong link, or didn’t follow direction thoroughly, so I tried again and again with careful direction and even with different browser, still no go.

I ended up contacting Rakuten, but they made it harder to get a hold of anyone through the web, help chat is not available, and phone is available but waiting time. I managed to send them a message and got a confirmation email below. As of now no respond from Rakuten.

Rakuten responded, I don’t know what you talking about LOL

$105 amazon fire phone on rakuten misadvertisement
$105 amazon fire phone on rakuten misadvertisement

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