One day before Memorial Day Holiday in the USA Ethereum and Bitcoin continue to move up

As Memorial Day Holiday in the USA approaching tomorrow Monday 5/30 Ethereum and Bitcoin continue to show its power moving upward but not as much as previous week. Currently it’s weakening but eventually I believe it will go up again. Realistically we can guess when it will go up in the next day or two but we don’t know how much. However it could also be 100% down or 100% up, that’s how volatile it is at the moment. When it’s volatile, good for day trade.

My guess is that Bitcoin will continue to climb as many other countries are looking into Bitcoin and Ethereum being known having its developer openly supporting the project with open source and open mind and open relationship with any major corporation and perhaps even the government.

bitcoind and ethereum will continue to dominant the cryptos currencies in 2017 and beyond

bitcoind and ethereum will continue to dominant the cryptos currencies in 2017 and beyond

Scottrade Hacked?

There has been some hacking going on. Few days ago, T-Mobile especially from UK, data were compromised by hackers, some US based customers might be impacted also.

Then today, just now I’ve received an email from Scottrade, which I have a stock trading account there for a while, but not active for a while. It’s great that these companies are notifying the customers, but I think they could done better to prevent being hacked, data leakage and so on. Especially for Scottrade and any financial institution.

I haven’t read the detail of the hack, but I think it got to be some kind of linkage to insider job, tips, and so on. The hack could be from a team of hackers, utilizing all their social hacking knowledge and skills to obtain information for hack, a large well organized team maybe.

I have not heard of the “Anonymous” group hackers for a while, did they break up? or just have a new name. I thought they declared war against the ISIS? haven’t seen much activities on that.
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Ebay store subscription seeing new feature ebay Seller Hub

Ebay recently just sent email notification to most if not all ebay seller whom have some kind of subscription to their services. For me, I do have the $15 a month cheap services with them, but I can tell you it doesn’t protect you at all from people giving you negative feedback. Other than that it does protect you from scammer.

*** Once I want to make it clear. No matter what services you subscribed to Ebay. Ebay does not protect you from negative feedback given by others *** totally no protect from negative feedback.

I encountered problems with bad ebay buyer just giving you negative or neutral feedback for no good reason at all, even if you tried your best to rectified the issue still negative and ebay will never remove it.

Well according to the latest email notification for ebay seller. Look like some new tools will be available, not sure what it will help though, but should be better I hope, if not, I have a choice to go back to the old layout I guess.
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Got approved for AmazonBusiness account

On my previous blog entry in regard to AmazonBusiness account. Doesn’t look like it take 2 to 3 business days for review and approval for AmazonBusiness account. I got approved in less than an hour. Now let see what I can do with it. I’m thinking of getting good discount on products to upgrade and keep my small business running, perhaps also on great deals for resell? probably not.

Anyhow, it’s faster than I’ve expected. Below are the email I got an hour later after requesting for AmazonBusiness.


Welcome to Amazon Business. The information you provided has been verified and your account registration is now complete.
You can now log in to with your Amazon business account to see a new shopping experience for your organization and take advantage of:
Free Two-Day shipping on eligible orders over $49
Business pricing on select items
Business-only selection
You can also select Manage Your Business to:
Invite people to join your account and manage multiple users
Set customizable order approval workflows and individual spending limits
Enter purchase order (PO) numbers on orders
Thank you for choosing Amazon Business.

Applied for Amazon business account

I got an email from AmazonBusiness, asking me to review the benefit of being AmazonBusiness account holder. I reviewed it, and what caught my attention is the $49 order I can get 2 days shipping for free.

So I went ahead and applied for it. The process pretty straight forward, although it will required your EIN (tax id#) for small business, so if you’re not a business owner or doing business as, you probably don’t know what it is, and you may not be qualified. I, myself, don’t even know if I qualified, but I do operate a business, self employ to be exact. I have my EIN and business name listed in the public directory, and even a phone # for my business and off course my home address is a business as well.

Will see what the result will be, but at the end of the application process. Amazon said that it will take them 2-3 business days to validate and confirm my business before letting me be part of the AmazonBusiness group. Free membership by the way.

Below is the message I got from Amazon after filling out the app.

amazon business account free 2 days shipping

amazon business account free 2 days shipping

Got approved! 🙂

Thank you for completing the business registration process.

While business verification is pending, you can shop on You can always check your status by visiting Manage Your Business in Your Account. You will receive another email after your business account is verified, which takes up to 3 business days. At that time, you will be able to add people to your account and access business account features.

If you have questions, visit our Business Accounts Help & Customer Service page.

Thank you for choosing Amazon Business.

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