ebay helping sellers through the coronavirus covid-19 “Payment Deferral and Repayment Dates”

Hi :
You have been approved for a payment deferment of $ 77.35 for your Covered Fees on your next invoice. As an additional way to help support you through this challenging time, we are also splitting up the repayment of that deferred amount over your next two billing cycles.
Here’s how it will work:

eBay will remove the covered deferred seller fee amount of $ 77.35 that was originally part of your 31 March 2020 invoice.
After 30 days, eBay will apply $ 38.67 of that deferred amount back on to your account and will be part of your 30 April 2020 invoice.
The remaining $ 38.68 will be applied to your 31 May 2020 invoice.
Reminder: You will still receive your regular invoice and any fees that were not deferred, and any new fees generated after the deferral period will still need to be paid as usual. Note: The invoice balance will still include the deferred amount for visibility but will not be due until the invoice dates noted above.
If you have an automatic payment method on file, you don’t need to do anything further, just ensure there are funds available for your automatic payment method.
We hope this arrangement is helpful to you in this challenging time.
Thank you for being a part of our community and for selling on eBay.

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