Highly recommend people to wear long sleeves clothing when cutting the grass

A couple months ago I cut the grass in the backyard, behind the fence also I think that’s where I got into rash trouble that lasted close to a month.

I live in the East Coast Pennsylvania. In the summer time the grass grow really fast and green. Where I live in our backyard, behind our fence is a common area for all the neighbor to share the area, there are all kind of grass grew just behind out fence. I was on my short and t-shirt. The consequences after cutting the grass gave me major rash that lasted over a month. Up til to this day I have no idea what causing it, I even went to the doctor and they said they don’t know what it is but gave me some small dose of antibiotic and cream to use, I don’t think it work but eventually it went away, over a month that is.

At the beginning I thought it might be poison ivy or poison oak. However after doing a lot of research on the internet and talked to a few people it might be a poison insect or bugs that I might have hit and it splattered all over me with its poison.