Loneliness is a health issue get it fix as soon as possible

Today I came across an article and also appear in the news about loneliness, it appears to be unhealthy and could be potential health issue. Loneliness is different from being alone.

Let distinguish alone from loneliness. I think that even you socialize or have lots of friends and subscribers on social media like facebook instagram youtube etc. you can still be loneliness because you don’t really know if those people really care about you, and most if not all those people are very far away or have their own lives and when they have free time they come look for random post like your post but that’s about it. So therefore you can still be in loneliness area. If people really care about you instead of asking how are you? blah blah everytime, why not say something like, let’s go out now or meet up in 15 mins for brunch etc.

Now being alone I think is different. You can be alone and still don’t feel loneliness. Being alone is someone want to be alone because they many things do, such as their hobby that keeping them busy most if not all the time, such as gardening, wood working, programming computer robots, etc. their mind is always busy and so they don’t feel loneliness.

So that’s just my understanding and person opinion on loneliness. For me I wouldn’t put myself in the loneliness situation, because I have a family (immediate family members) and many hobbies, I don’t really want to go out with friends and make new friends, however I am very friendly and love to shares ideas and talk socialize about almost everything.