Bitcoin mining will cause air pollution? how to stay green?

Not just Bitcoin mining, but all other Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Litecoin and so on will use a lot of energy power (electricity) and those power came from where you would get it to your home, the power plant burning coal, fossil fuel, and others none related to solar power, wind turbine, and water turbine that is.

Oh wait, did I just mention solar power, wind turbine and water turbine? yes I did, so how is this effecting the environment? Apparently some writer from Medium overlook this area and maybe he/she is a bias, but there are many ways to generate electricity that does not involve burning fossil fuel, coal and nuclear chemical power plan.This is where what you don’t know could hurt you, if you’re going to write something for a big news media online then get educated and learn more about it, don’t just write anything from your own thought for people.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am writing for myself, for what I know, I’m not a writer as you can see with all the grammar and vocabulary issue, I don’t expect anyone coming to my blog and read daily so I can be as straight forward and honest as I can, while big online media like Medium and so on hired professional writers to do their blog posts and add a ton of advertisements pops up and so on to make money. This includes but limited to click bait by title the blog in a way people will click on it.