It is ok to be frighten Cryptocurrencies crashed Stock market crashed why? CoronaVirus?

Yep you guess it. The Coronavirus is frightening everyone, not excluding anything. Everything got impacted, it’s a chain reaction, from people to companies to Stocks and off course Cryptocurrencies. Yes it’s been down very badly over the past few weeks, and nothing is helping.

Furthermore minutes ago WHO (world health organization) declared a Pandemic on the Coronavirus. What is a pandemic exactly? “a pandemic is declared when a new disease for which people do not have immunity spreads around the world beyond expectations.”

So now the coronavirus is spreads around the world beyond expectations. If this didn’t scare most if not all everybody, then what? so it’s obvious this impact the economies deeply, as people afraid to go out, afraid to interact with others, result in school closing, companies closing, business declining, loss in profit, so on and so forth … this off course hurt the stock market, but Bitcoin Ethereum why are they down?

So how does this pandemic affecting Cryptocurrencies? well like I said earlier it impact everything, nothing is excluded, it’s a chain reaction, a network of goods and services dependent on each other, if one is impacted and spread the impact to others and then the whole process is impacted.

Now even if you live in a desert or homestead away from people, you will get impacted too eventually just not now, eventually you will need food water medicine where will you find it, most of day to day usage will not last forever, there are expiration shelf life items that need to be replaced, sure you will live a bit longer than others, but soon you will get impacted too.

Lately over the past few weeks or even longer back, Cryptocurrencies performance is somewhat the same as Stock Market performance. Stocks down Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies down, Stocks up so is other Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. So there are no surprise now and it doesn’t matter what you invest in, it will have chain reaction and go down.

For many people now a day, their thinking of Bitcoin Ethereum and other Cryptocurenncies solve nothing so far probably true, this is the time seeing it working? apparently it’s not working. Due to the pandemic, people got scare, frighten, panic and sold their investment and many people follow sold their investment too, for cash, so cash is king? not Bitcoin?