Do not close eBay case until your problem is 100% resolved

Lesson learn. If you’re a buyer or seller doesn’t matter, if you have a case created then follow through completely, make sure the case is resolved 100%, meaning you got the item, you got a refund, you’re completely satisfied and so on before you close the case. Because once you close the eBay case, it cannot be reopened ever, and a new case cannot be open either because only one case per item. If you’re a buyer and you closed the case accidentally, and now your seller is unresponsive and you decided to give your seller a negative feedback, he or she can contact eBay support and ask for a removal of that feedback because you closed the case.

Selling and buying on eBay and many other online retailers like amazon and also Etsy have hic up once in a while. What you don’t know or don’t understand fully can cause you to loose or waste valuable time trying to figure out, so if you don’t know about something, it is best to contact eBay or the store owner support directly and ask questions, ask as many questions as you can, they’re there to help you, don’t feel shy or afraid to ask questions. If they get irritated annoyed or avoid your questions then probably not a good idea to do business with them, you can blog about your experience with them and let other know about it.