You can buy nearly anything with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies now a day “Bitrefill News: Bitfinex Integration – New Gift Cards for India and Australia – Dark mode”

While Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies coins price are crashing, going down faster then going up just like few years ago, up a little then big down, up a little then 10 times down … but still Cryptocurrencies aren’t loosen faith. There are more than 64% of Bitcoin wallets hasn’t moved for many years, mostly since the beginning of 2018, in other word people are holding Bitcoin since 2018 crashing down to $3000. So those that bought Bitcoin at $3000 saw a gain of over $10,000 still they did not sold it, they’re still hanging on to it.

Look like Bitrefill are working with other Exchanges and tries partnership with some new exchanges and services to improve their gift card selling services. So by using Bitrefill, you pretty much can buy a lot of things, nearly everything as far as I know except maybe for a house or car, but there might some ways around it.

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Bitfinex and Bitrefill Integration
The first major exchange in adding Lightning Network functionality was revealed this week. Bitfinex partnered with Bitrefill to assist with the infrastructure setup, liquidity and spendability.

Bitfinex will also enable their customers to shop with bitcoin on Bitrefill’s catalog of 2000+ prepaid voucher products. Starting today, they can shop for a variety of services, including ecommerce, gaming, dining, entertainment and travel gift cards.

For more details check our blog post here

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200+ Cards added for India, 70+ for Australia

India represents a growing segment in the Bitcoin world, and after seeing more and more Indian customers, we prioritized adding support for a full catalog of Indian products. It can be a struggle for some people to convert cryptocurrency to INR, but living on crypto in India will be much easier with Bitrefill’s new gift card options.

If you live in Australia or happen to visit the land of down under, you can now use cryptocurrency to pay for many everyday products and services, including ecommerce on-stop-shops, fuel, food airline tickets, experiences and more.

Reminder: Bitrefill allows you to stop leaking personal data through credit cards and/or fiat exchange methods, while improving the payment experience.

Strike Hackaton Prize

Justin Camarena, our Lightning Lead, and John Carvalho, our CCO, helped judge the STRIKE entries and chose one project as the winner for our $500 (paid in BTC) Circular Economy bonus prize. The winner was @fiatjaf, the creator of lntxtbot (Lightning wallet on Telegram).

At Bitrefill, we believe that Lightning Network technologies are integral to building out a parallel economy for Bitcoin and we want to encourage developers to create tools that enable everyone to live on crypto, better, faster, and freer.

For more details check our blog post here.

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