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So far this is the only paying investment or so call cryptos lending platform that I know is paying. GUSD they pay 8% annually, that’s pretty good. Pretty secure since they’re using gemini as storage of the funds, however if gemini got hacked then everyone have cryptos with gemini go bye bye. However if you hold usd in gemini or blockfi even if they got hacked, your usd is safe 100% guaranteed but unfortunately not your virtual money Bitcoin Ethereum and other cryptos.

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Institutional Services Launch, Automated Loan Origination, and more
Thank you all for your continued support of BlockFi.
Over the last three months alone, we’ve paid out over $2MM worth of crypto in interest and bonuses. In order to bring more value to the BlockFi community, we focused this month’s efforts on launching BlockFi Institutional Services, releasing a new product feature, and continuing to secure partnerships.
BlockFi Institutional Services
This month, we formally introduced BlockFi Institutional Services, designed to give market-makers, funds, exchanges, and family offices access to enterprise-grade financing solutions for digital assets. Read the full announcement here.
Automated Loan Origination
Recently, we launched Automated Loan Origination (ALO). ALO enables us to provide a faster, better loan process. Clients can now apply and receive loan approval instantaneously. Moreover, the process is simple and easy to follow. Check out how fast and easy the application process is in the video below.
Automated Loan Origination
BlockFi Featured on On The Brink Podcast
BlockFi CEO and Founder Zac Prince was featured on the crypto podcast On the Brink by Castle Island. Zac provides insight into our current products and what the future holds for BlockFi. Listen to the episode here.
Partnership Highlights
Partnerships are a key way that we are able to provide added value to our clients. In October, we partnered with Coinmine, a consumer crypto mining company that provides easy-to-use retail mining units.
BlockFi clients are eligible to receive 10% off of the reduced retail value ($699) of a Coinmine One. To receive this offer, reply to this email requesting additional information or send an email to [email protected].
If you ever have any questions, our support team is always happy to help. Call us at +1 (646) 779-9688 or email us at [email protected].
The BlockFi Team
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