So you think VPN like norvpn will protect you from government or hackers spying huh? NOT!

“NordVPN confirms it was hacked” how’s that for news huh? So you paid a bunch of money and thinking VPN services like NordVPN would protect you from government spy or hackers spy, well apparently it didn’t work too well does it? I’ve written an article about a year back telling people not to spend money on VPN and so on to protect their identity, it is not worth the money. Even if NordVPN didn’t get hacked, still if governments and hackers want to spy on you they can still could. No matter what, if the government of FBI want to spy on you, all they need to do is know you connected to the internet, and you’re connecting through a VPN and it’s NordVPN and they will ask NordVPN to provide whatever needed you think NordVPN will say no? ERR! wrong! NordVPN cannot say no with proper paper work from government they can now track you.

You are better off using TOR browser or something free like TOR, it is much harder for government or FBI to get TOR to hand over whatever information users are doing because TOR is not a business, TOR does not have a centralize server either nor does the owner owns TOR, so just say it’s next to impossible for anyone spy or monitor you. So why use services like NordVPN when you can get free anonymous services like TOR and similar. For basic web browsing and stuff, just use incognito or opera browser anonymous, it has build in VPN proxy and so own free to use, as powerful as VPN and more, so you don’t need those paid VPN.