Blockfi offer Limited Time Bonus: Get $250 in BTC with a new loan

The cryptos market has been struggling lately, and today it down to 1 year low or and it’s not stopping, still going down. Bitcoin likely looking at $6000 soon. So what is going on? nothing, just nothing, this is Cryptos for you, it can go up real fast, and can go down real fast, the news doesn’t do much, sometime just a coincident blaming on bad news like government banning bitcoin, come on now folks, really? how can you ban something you cannot control? as long as one computer still have bitcoin wallet, bitcoin will never died, so in reality Bitcoin will never died there just too many wallets out there already, although it could go down and down or up and up but banning is impossible and died is impossible.

On Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 12:03:51 PM EDT, BlockFi [email protected] wrote:
Limited Time Bonus For New Loans
BlockFi is giving all new borrowers – who borrow $10,000 or more – a $250 bonus paid out in BTC, ETH, or GUSD. Simply apply and get approved for your loan before November 15, 2019.
How it works:
Apply and get approved for a loan of $10,000 or more before 11/15/19.
Reach out to [email protected] with the subject “$250 Loan Promo” – our support team will be happy to process your bonus.
You will receive a bonus of $250 worth of BTC, ETH or GUSD in your BlockFi Interest Account on the first Interest Payment Day that occurs after your loan origination date.
Promotion Terms: This promotion will only last until 11/15/19 23:59:59 UTC. You can read the full promotion details here.
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