latest news and update “T-REX IS COMMING & LISTED @BLOCKFOLIO “

What’s the big deal about listed @blockfolio for blockfolio basically a cryptocurrencies portfolio tracking your cryptocurrencies balance such up down gain loss news and so on, so what’s the big deal novachain trying to do? I don’t get it. blockfolio is nothing more than keeping tracking of your coins balance gain loss based on the input you made, how many coins you have and so far, be careful if you have lots of coins they may know who you are and rob you 🙂 so be careful when using blockfolio to track, they can probably see your balance knowing how much coins you have and know where you live based on your IP connected to their server.

On Monday, March 18, 2019, 5:36:45 PM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
Today marks the beginning of the final testing stage for the new T-REX trading system. As you read this, there is a high profile group of professional investors ruthlessly hammering away at the T-REX operational system and protocols. We expect the software to pass their rigorous examinations with flying colors.
In a few days we will initiate the countdown timer to coronate the launch of NOVACHAIN’s new vanguard product. Expect to see the full T-REX specs and membership prices very soon! Once T-REX has been made public, we will begin to work on the T-REX pool so users can actively participate and share in the daily profits.
Last but not least – we may not have the largest crypto community in the world, but we most certainly have one of the best! We are thrilled to announce that thanks in large part to your can-do attitude, we have been listed with Blockfolio!
This is a huge advantage for our project because they are the most popular and comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio tracker in the world.
Thank you all very much for your effort, time and enthusiasm in helping to put NOVACHAIN on the Blockfolio map!
Stay heads up for much more exciting news to come!
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