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On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 1:35:28 PM EDT, Bill Heyn – [email protected] wrote:
Message From The CEO
Dear TIOnauts,
I wanted to reach out with a mid-month message on a specific point of concern.
As you may have noticed on our Telegram channel, and perhaps have even experienced while on our exchange, we are still dealing with occasional service interruptions and platform glitches. Since the launch of the exchange, we have been working to eradicate these issues as part of the normal course of building a complex technical system.
We have made huge strides and the frequency and severity of these interruptions have decreased dramatically. However, we have decided internally that the time for the development stage of our base platform needs to come to an end. Bugs and glitches will no longer be accepted internally as part of the process or a byproduct of creating a new technical platform. We are fully cognizant that there is very little margin for error in the crypto space if we wish to compete successfully with the leading providers.
To this end, we have assigned two development teams to do nothing other than find, fix and eliminate bugs. One for the front end and one for the back end. These teams have no other responsibilities and will be assigned to these tasks for as long as it takes to get our exchange as close to perfect as possible. They will remain in place indefinitely to ensure that the exchange remains as close to perfect as it can be.
We realize that there is no such thing as completely perfect in a system as complicated as an online trading platform. We know that there will continue to be the occasional glitch, especially as we maintain our efforts to add new tokens and features. However, we are committed to making sure that any glitches are as rare and unobtrusive as possible.
We have a fantastic development team under the reigns of CTO Marcin Zduniak; they have been doing a commendable job of enhancing and expanding our platform to date. We have every confidence that they will get us to our goal of an exchange that is world-class in both features and performance.
Bill Heyn
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