Why you should invest in Blockfi interest account rather than other similar platform like Bitconnect ponzi scam?

Previously I was talking account the risks involves with Blockfi Bitcoin Ethereum interest account, but let’s talk about why should you invest in Blockfi? what are the benefit?

There are many similar platform out there like Blockfi that offered 100% APY, let say you invest $1000, within 1 year you will get $1000 + your initial investment back (ROI). These platform are like recent Bitconnect that went scam, the currently arbitraging.co and novachain.cc showing sign of exit scam or making it next to impossible to withdraw profit, and many new one like EVOAI GoEX.pro and many more … have super high interest of 1% daily or over 100% APY these are all Ponzi scheme scam, high yield investment program (HYIP) … it is impossible to get such high interest from an insured bank, the max in the USA is probably 2% APY, other countries might have it higher but not guaranteed they go bye bye anytime.

So is Blockfi 6.2% seems legitimate that those ponzi scam HYIP platform? off course Blockfi is legitimate, they are registered and have clearer photos profiles of individual working for Blockfi, it is verified and professionally showing up on Cryptos talk show not some cheap youtube or google hangout conference call from a cell phone or webcam. However if you look at Bitconnect not that they even have professional marketing videos but also many conference and large events, but ended up scam, but what Bitconnect don’t have is the actual owner verified, someone just sit behind the computer controlling the whole show, up to today no one really know who the person or people behind Bitconnect are. There are similarities with Blockfi to the past recent and current platform that appears ponzi, hyip and scam; off course there are similarities, as much as it can, but you need to look at the most important thing that would indicate if it’s a scam or not. Blockfi.com have a .com domain, registered office in New York you can go in and out, have registered license to operate that you can verified, have connection with one of the most legitimate Bitcoin Ethereum exchange Gemini, if Blockfi go scam Gemini will surely be in a lot of trouble.

Basically it is safe to invest with Blockfi.com deposit interest account, however you just know there are risk as I’ve mentioned on previous post.