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Just like, now following, with new news, awesome news, such as new exchange, so on and so forth. However these platform are now pretty much similar to each other. Investments money flowing in with higher than the bot price, daily profit cut up to 75% less then what the price say. Be careful, both of these platform arb token and smell fishy as days weeks months go by, the way they operate seems to match a ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme, scam exiting strategy.

On Friday, March 8, 2019, 4:13:46 PM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
This week is winding down, but we are kicking off next week with an epic event for the NOVACHAIN community. We are excited to announce the grand entrance of the NOVA token into the crypto exchange arena on P2PB2B! Trading will begin Monday night at 9PM, UTC. Given the implications of the listing, we will initiate the countdown timer on our site to celebrate.
We couldn’t be more thrilled. And once the community discovers the benefits of NOVA trading on their platform, we think you’ll be just as happy.
We chose the fully licensed P2PB2B exchange for their stellar reputation and popular standalone features. This exchange has been trading cryptos for over 5 years, occupies a coveted spot on the “top 20” CoinMarketCap exchange list, and is rated in the top 5 for customer service. Users have the ability to transfer tokens to each other commission-free, are provided with 24/7 service support, and can take advantage of a fast KYC approval process that takes less than 24 hours.
As more and more users around the world rely on NOVACHAIN to generate daily streams of passive incomes, we’re excited about the cutting edge services we have in the works for 2019. This exchange listing brings us one step closer to becoming the world-class passive income enterprise we have always strived to be. We will be bringing you more news and insights soon in the coming weeks.
Thank you,
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