arb tokens daily profit price is 75% lower than actual exchange price, another way to trick you prevent from selling.

So what’s the latest with arb tokens? According to the telegram chat room of the official arb group, below is the latest news pinned. ETH reinvest bonus, stopped a long time already without any notice until today, maybe stopped after first few days running, maybe just tricking you to invest your ETH. ETH payouts, stopped a long time ago as well without any notice, maybe another way of getting you remain interested and not to sell but to hold or reinvest. ETH to aBot, under maintenance? really? maybe just another way of getting your ETH locked, you no longer have any possession your coins now, and if you try to withdraw or exchange, chance are you will encounter issue or loss a great % of fees, example you put 1ETH, get your 1ETH is a joke, you will be lucky to get 0.75 ETH back loosing 0.25ETH of fees. Auction? I wonder how many people will do this, maybe it’s another way of getting users investors continue to be interested. Trader Pro? like Bittrex exchange and other cryptos exchange? seems like it, would you trust a unregistered unlicensed exchange such as to hold your cryptos and trade? Lastly whatever happen to mBot 2.0? did mBot 1.0 even work?

Let’s get to the aBot daily profit. Prior to December 10th 2019 everything pretty much work well, the way it should be, until after December 10th 2019 exit scam started. Exit scam could take months or year, during this special time the platform making excuses and changes a tons of things around making it miserable for the users investors at the same time keeping the users investors interested so the platform can get more deposit more people to invest, sometime small payout.

So what’s the payout interest like now a day on arb token platform? Let say you have $10000 (USD) worth of investments, let say the daily profit is 0.65% you should get $65 worth of arb to eth coin right? WRONG! that hasn’t been happening for months. What you actually get is 75% or so less, in other word, your $65 now is $16.25, that’s like 0.16% instead of 0.65% So now you know you only get $16.25 right? let’s go to the internal exchange try to sell it? ERRR wrong, if you lucky enough to sell without any additional penalty for so call “under cutter” then you will probably get $10 worth of ETH deposit to your ETH wallet. Chances are you will not able to sell because the ARB token price continue to go down down and down each every single day for over a month. You put in an order $0.39 next thing you know is it never get to that price, it continue to go down by fraction like $0.389999999999999999 making it impossible for your to sell when they take fraction decimal into consideration and it goes down by those fraction decimal each day, and each day after 24 hours your order does not go through it get cancelled automatically and you would have to put in another order and the same thing will happen again and again making it super challenging to sell to ETH.

For many people, especially existing investors users would have to hold and hope arb tokens doesn’t disappear. The way arb platform keep users interested is by providing frequent news and update coming out with new things and method, changing a few things here and there, call it innovative move, whatever to keep people interested holding on to their investments, and it’s the only thing investors can do is to hold on, nothing else can be done.

At the moment, many members of the promoting team of arb has gone away or making excuses and reasons for going off line removing videos and traces on the internet of them ever been involve with arb, few more people join but eventually will move away too, eventually all will disappear without a trace, no one really know who’s running these platform, there could be people with their face showing or blurry photos or videos now and then but the real people mastermind could be someone else sitting behind the computer somewhere.

Dear ARBNation
It has been brought to our attention that our Support Team has been receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries regarding the following topics: ETH Reinvest Bonus, ETH Payouts, ETH to aBot, Auction Appraisals and our new TradePro.
The following information has been compiled in order to help answer such questions:
ETH reinvest bonus – Discontinued
If investors have pending ETH bonuses that can’t be transferred please contact support, all reinvest locks have been removed.
ETH Payouts – Discontinued
Arbitraging has made the decision to discontinue ETH payouts. This model does not work with the Old Exchange model.
ETH to aBot – Under Maintenance
This feature will be unavailable until further notice.
Auction Appraisals – Delayed
Due to the demand and time required to appraise aBots this process has been delayed.
Trader Pro – Pending
The Team are continuing to work hard on Trader Pro and will announce more as soon as possible.
Hope this helps.
The Arbitraging Team