yobit.net NEW YoBit ICO “https://yobitex.net/en/trade/MICRO/BTC”

New yobit.net ico https://yobitex.net/en/trade/MICRO/BTC get in and get out fast if you can. If you get in and it keep going down, chances are hold on until it go up and get out, because normally with these new ico on yobit.net it only last a few days sometime hours and then it will continue to crash down and down.

yobit.net although some people call it a scam, but yobit.net is not really a scam, just that the method they’re using seems more like a ponzi, the more people in the price goes up, as people start to loose interest price go down and eventually disappear and new ico will get listed. In addition to investbox, and the same with happen, it’s a ponzi method but at least they’re not really manipulating as much as arbitraging.co ARB token, NOvachain.cc, EVOai, goex.pro and so on, all are HYIP (high yield investment programs) there are more like it out there and many died disappeared but new one pops up as one died.

yobit.net been around for a while, but they’re real exchange, just they have some ponzi coins ico and investbox that tied to ponzi and pyramid scam, but their real coins exchange are real, but a lot of new ico coins that mimic real coins are fake and ponzi especially with investbox.

Arbitraging.co ARB token had the block method saying it’s new innovation but nothing more than what yobit.net investbox done for a long long time and yobit.net is bigger vs. arbitraging.co new and thinking they’re the best, but that block method been taking down for a while, I wonder if patent still pending? 🙂

On Thursday, February 28, 2019, 6:18:30 PM EST, Yobit News [email protected] wrote:
YoBit ICO in 16 hrs!
Dear YoBit Users!
New ICO in 16 hrs, timer: https://yobitex.net/en/ico/timer/
ICO coins: 117,000,000
ICO price: 0.00000100 btc
ICO amount: 117.00 btc
ICO rules:
100% buy wall in BTC (ico price, unlimited time)
1% daily InvestBox
Yobit official domains:
yobitex.net (available in Russia)
Don’t use any other domains!
Sincerely yours,
Team of Yobit.Net
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