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On Saturday, February 23, 2019, 6:32:49 AM EST, Energi Earndrop [email protected] wrote:
February Newsletter
Upcoming Proof of Stake Update!
We are very excited to announce Energi Core v2.1.0 has been released! This is a MANDATORY upgrade as we will be having a hard fork to transition to Proof of Stake early next week. The exact block height of the hard fork will be announced later this week. Once transitioned to Proof of Stake, anybody who holds at least 1 NRG can stake their coins and earn rewards!
Please upgrade all your wallet software to v2.1.0 to avoid any problems syncing with the network. IMPORTANT: If you are operating a masternode, you MUST upgrade the wallet software on your masternode as well, or else it will come offline when the fork happens! Once you upgrade the software on your local node and masternode, you will have to issue a new “start-alias” on your masternode in the masternodes tab of your local wallet.
This mandatory update only applies to you if you are using the Energi Core wallet for desktop.
You can grab the latest release on our downloads page at or on the official GitHub page:
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Energi is continuing to sponsor Arcane Bear’s charitable work and we are proud to do so. This month, Arcane Bear headed to Costa Rica to help out endangered species of turtles.
Check out a picture from this event on Arcane Bear’s Twitter:
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