Latest update from ARB token platform “Quick Peak at mbot 2.0!” really?

Keep in mind that every news released by ARB token platform had been nothing more than just news ever since December 10th 2018. Every news announced by this ARB token platform had been just words such as “awesome news” “you will love it” “game changing” “totally new innovation” … and so on. It’s like the “block” method that was announced “patent pending” you get the point. None of the news is really good news for the users investors at all, and whenever news like this released, people from the telegram chat room supporters especially, start bombarding the chat room with words like “this will make me rich” “I can pay bills” “making money daily passively” “passive income” so on and so forth. This is just to get more investors users into the ARB platform and get stuck with it, cannot get their funds back out once they realize it’s a trick. If funds can be withdraw you will loose big amount with fees and exchange back to ETH loosing another 65-70% of the original price goes into the ARB platform like aBot.

On Friday, February 22, 2019, 1:47:39 AM EST, David Peterson (ARB) [email protected] wrote:
I wanted to reach out and show you a sneak peak of mbot 2.0! You can check it out here:
Be prepared to be blown away and let me know what you think!
David Peterson
David Peterson (ARB)
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