Beermoney passive income moved to created new account and get banned immediately?

If you’ve been doing beermoney or also known as passive income by watching videos or the semi-passive income doing click and survey you would have probably heard of well there was an announcement earlier today that moved to people jumped on it and try to register and get into the pool of ads profit sharing, but unfortunately something went wrong and many accounts got banned immediately after it got created, the users didn’t even have a chance to play any videos.

Apparently is famous for banning its users and taking their share of the profit and nothing you can do about it. They have their reason why, but most of the time the user didn’t do anything else by just watching on 3 or less devices. Some users with static IP, banned saying it’s a data center IP when it just a static IP given by their ISP like verizon and comcast. User IP address changed, banned. User logged in on another computer, banned. Users logged in to check their account balance from a public wifi, banned. Banned friendly from and now watch out guys, they’re banned friendly and on top of that you’re wasting a lot of time thinking this is passive income when it’s not, you’re just wasting a lot of time for a dime a day when you can work at McDonald BurgerKing cashier walmart for at least $10 an hour vs. a dime or nickel from beermoney so call passive income. It’s not passive, sometime not even semi-passive.

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