what happened to David Peterson? and who is Thomas Brown?

So what is going with lately? just to recap. Since December 10th 2018, had gone downhill, users/investors confirmed it’s next to impossible to withdraw their profit sell to ETH to withdraw, even sitting in front of the computer wasting numerous hours to get into the block method outcome unsuccessful.

It’s been almost two months of changes made to the arb platform one attempt after another yield failure and making many users/investors very upset. The disappearing of Crypto Austin, Dan L. and many other platform so call promoter became pretty interesting. Now notice that these folks whom talks about ARB platform, if you look at their videos profile, they only talk about ARB platform, if that don’t tied them to ARB promoting then what? – they disappeared and the videos disappeared.

So back to the question, what happened to David Peterson, well let first say by that is not his real name David Peterson, in one of the video he said his name is Jeremy and no last name was given. In the video released about David Peterson life, there was one clip seems very interesting, it’s the early day of shark tank appears to have the owner ceo of arb. What ever attempt was made trying to make arb platform better, so call an ecosystem that would sustain itself, and that appears to be “rob Peter to pay Paul” kind of ecosystem, taking money from new investors to pay older investors and profit by fees, this should sustain the arb platform for long time right? wrong! users/investors not stupid, they smell something fishy about that. First let just say the block exchange thingie (patent pending) didn’t go too well and that’s nothing new, many other exchanges like investbox and others already have that. So where is the arbitraging bot? is there one? is it making money? where is the money from arbitraging bot? why rob Peter to pay Paul if there’s a arbitraging bot?

It’s been many days users/investors heard anything about David Peterson, the last message according to Telegram ARB chat group saying that David Peterson went to a meeting with other arb team members staff, but it wasn’t confirm from the ceo David Peterson himself. Now that most messages posted by someone name Thomas Brown, we don’t know who? some users/investors don’t think it’s important, what most important is the platform working as intended or said, basically invest money into arb, the arb robot trade arbitraging profit and share that profit to you daily, and you withdraw the profit into ETH withdrawal payout, but apparently it hasn’t been working as intended and users/investors are now skeptical about there’s a arbitraging trading bot, more of “rob Peter to pay Paul” take money from new investors to pay old investors and keep making more new investors to come into the platform and it will sustain itself.

The old exchange are now back and functioning, but the price of arb had fallen from $20 to $1. Let see how long this old exchange will continue to function before any new update made to it.

ABOT maintenance
Just want to inform you that due to all the recent updates being done to bring you back the new “Old Exchange”, today’s Abot payouts will be sent 1 hour later than usual. All Abots will be set to Auto-Reinvest until we collect all the data and know that the exchange is running as planned and STOP aBOT WILL BE UNDER MAINTENANCE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Thanks, Thomas Brown
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Exchange Fees and Limits
Limit Sell 0.5%
Sell market 10%
Sell via auto sell 1%
Buy limit 0.5%
Buy market 0.25%
Buy via auto buy 1%
Limits: from any wallet
PRO- $1750 per day
Advance- $1000 per day
Basic- $500 per day
These limits are temporary and will be raised after volume in the exchange is higher.
Arbitraging Team

Bringing back “The Original” Exchange
Dear ARB Community,
I wanted to let you know that I’ve been documenting user frustrations with the new exchange versions for awhile now.
I am happy to inform you that we are going to listen to the community and bring you back “The Original” exchange. Not a new one, not an updated one, but the original exchange that we had before any changes.
Be advised that the existing exchange and aBOT will be offline while we migrate everything so there will not be any issues.
We will work hard to get the update done and live approximately 24-36hours, this allows us the time to fully install and test the exchange is functioning.
Thank You,
Thomas Brown