As continue to have problems while taking advantage to be more successful?

According to the telegram chat room of and, look like continue to have problems and issues that are not resolved and pretty much quiet from the ceo name David Peterson, and admins in the chat room are pretty quiet as well. It seems like ever since December 10th 2018, most if not everyone having trouble withdrawing their profit to eth withdrawal. ever since the Las Vegas token tank talk the main website removed many of its contents such as who were working on the project and so on.

For look like a great opportunity for them to be successful with their improvements so call bots and all that, but you know there isn’t any hard evidence or proof that neither does nor or any other similar platform such as evoai and so on have real bot trading arbitrage making profit for investors, none what so ever, there are many evidence that these platform trying to proof they’re legit but in the end shot down by people proving it’s fake.

On Sunday, January 27, 2019, 5:55:34 PM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
We wanted to provide you a quick update on all the action happening at NOVCHAIN Headquarters.
We are very pleased to announce our T-REX internal testing phase is almost finished. During the internal testing we have added numerous features, upgraded the Interface, and implemented the LIVE TRADING SIGNALS program. Within a few days, we will move forward with STAGE 1 of our Beta Testing program.
STAGE 1 will commence by adding testers from our YOUTUBE partners to ensure full transparency during this process. This will provide you with a front row seat as all aspects of the T-REX protocol are put to the test and publicly disclosed.
While a part of our development team will focus on interface interoperability, the other part will be busy testing the HFT T-REX algorithm. This proprietary algorithm is what allows T-REX to perform at maximum capacity (and will be subsequently implemented into the REX 2.0 profit structure).
Once STAGE 1 is complete, we will promptly move to STAGE 2. This is when we will bring in the remainder of the beta testers, finalize the functionality features, and post the financial results.
Like us, we know all of you are eagerly awaiting the T-REX launch. Please know we are doing our utmost to deliver ahead of schedule. The fact is, because T-REX is the first bot of its kind to ever see the light of day in the crypto market, we want to make sure that all users, regardless of their trading skills, will be able to profit from it.
Our goal is to level the playing field between the most skilled technicians and those who know absolutely nothing about the trading arena.
Meanwhile, we are running the metrics to determine the best way to set up the T-REX fee structure. The final details are not set yet, but we will likely arrange payment in a specified number of NOVA tokens. For those of you who have faithfully supported us for the last year, we are thrilled to be in the final lap of this race. We look forward to rewarding our community with what many have called the ultimate trading bot on the market!
Thank you for your patience and support,
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