taking advantage to advance over which has been nothing but issue for over 1 month and counting

Latest news released “”Live AMA Today: How our users will make money in 2019” look like is taking advantage over the failure of which had issue over the past one month and counting. is more visible now than ever being transparent about their ponzi showing, almost all of the admins in telegram group does not care much about people’s issue and responded “don’t invest with money you cannot afford to loose” and even the owner ceo so call David Peterson and his staff indicate same “do your research before investing” … it almost seems like they don’t care much about investors now, and letting the platform slowly get less investors to none and continue to let issue arise and pretending trying to fix it, as time go by everyone will loose interest and leave, worst of all nothing anyone can do about it since we don’t know who really running this platform other than big potential of actors and actresses like many in the past.

On Sunday, January 13, 2019, 9:40:25 AM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
Thank you for all of the support and encouraging comments sent yesterday about or next-gen trading bot. We are thrilled so many of you think supplementing diminishing arbitrage returns with our new vanguard system is a good idea. In time, we believe that this will resonate with the entire crypto community as well.
We hope you will tune in today at 11PM, UTC for our live AMA with Jasson (6PM Eastern). He will outline how our users will be able to profit in 2019 and what they can expect going forward.
This will only take a few minutes of your time but will shed a lot of light into how NOVACHAIN plans to position you as profit takers in the year ahead.
Have a great weekend and thank you,
Live demo of T-REX with Jasson and Crypto Clover starts in:
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