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On Saturday, January 12, 2019, 9:06:22 AM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
The worst thing a company can do is to be stuck in a box with models that can’t adapt to ever-changing market dynamics. At NOVACHAIN, we believe our first priority is in spearheading innovative solutions to provide real daily income for our community. It’s actually one of our mottos around here.
With that in mind, we would like to unveil a venture that has been in the works for quite some time. As traders, we are always trying to cover our bases in case market conditions sour or go from bad to worse. Keeping profits at a maximum requires one to forecast and correctly position themselves to capitalize on trends and/or random shocks to markets. Thankfully, we were able to foresee a problem which has now become inescapable for the crypto space.
The issue is one of volume. With the steadily shrinking volumes on the crypto exchanges, taking advantage of arbitraging opportunities is becoming more and more difficult.
Because with small amounts of money, capitalizing on arbitrage trading signals is possible. However, as the amount of a fund grows in size, arbitraging the asset tends to move the market and destroy the very thing it is trying to take advantage of. While arbitraging is the golden goose of trading, we believed it was only a matter of time before the declining crypto market would be unable to support the barrage of newly minted arbitrage systems all going after the same trades.
For months we had been closely monitoring the falling returns generated by our own organization as well as those of other real arbitraging companies. The writing on the wall was clear – the market was becoming too saturated and would eventually dry up arbitraging returns, at least until the next bull run presented itself.
Not wanting to be caught flat footed, we quickly got to work developing, perfecting and implementing a new system. We knew that in order to fulfill the pledge we made to our community, we would have to create a protocol that would supplement diminishing arbitrage profits whenever its inevitable day of reckoning came.
After months of deliberation, we have decided today is that day.
In conjunction with the efforts of our international development team, we are rolling out a proprietary program with an algorithm 6 years in the making.
Please welcome the new flagship of NOVACHAIN’s complete suite of passive profit services: T-REX – the next-gen solution for automated trading.
This vanguard approach offers the best of both worlds – mass cross channel signal monitoring coupled with high frequency crypto trading. Our team has put the program through rigorous testing, not only with current trading opportunities, but with extensive back testing as well. And frankly, the results have been staggering. If this setup was a car, it would have a NASCAR racing engine, provide the luxurious comfort of a Maybach and handle the road like a Ferrari. It’s that good!
In a nutshell, T-REX is an automated bot that will pioneer the way crypto trading is done. Its unique feature is its specialized coding that concurrently tracks, monitors and captures high frequency trading profits stemming from hundreds of trading signals. Full proof of the transactions will also be regularly provided. In contrast to arbitrage trading, not only does this produce MORE profits, it produces more STABLE profits.
At NOVACHAIN we understand that at end of the day it’s about each one of you. Like many members in our community, we also have family members and friends who have committed funds into our programs and are depending on us to provide results. We know many of your futures are depending on NOVACHAIN’s success.
We feel a strong sense of urgency, responsibility and accountability to do our absolute best to meet and exceed your expectations.Please know we are hard at work developing NOVACHAIN into the kind of operation where people can come and in time enjoy a steady stream of passive profits. Not only this, but we are working around the clock to make NOVACHAIN into a systemized platform that provides high enough returns to even help mitigate the losses people may have suffered from other unsuccessful crypto operations.
We believe T-REX is the vehicle that can make this happen, take your profits to the next level, and transform the face of crypto trading at the same time.
To get everyone off on the right foot, Jasson, our CEO, will be conducting a live AMA and full demonstration of our new system on Sunday (11 PM, UTC) with Crypto Clover. We encourage everyone to tune in and see for themselves how NOVACHAIN’s new product can improve their financial status in 2019.
We look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions. Please connect with us and stay abreast of all the changes, updates and alerts on our Telegram channel found here.
Thank you,
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