East Coast USA electricity company PECO increase price for year 2019 “PECO customers to see tax credit in January”

It’s funny on how PECO start of a letter to their customers, by saying tax credit will be given in January 2019, while the letter really mean to say they’re increasing the electricity bill by up to 1%. Meaning if you used to pay $200 a month you will be paying additional $2, and so on, just take your current bill and multiply by 1%. Now it’s probably nothing for most people but if you add up the montly 12 months by multiplying by 12, that’s more than a good meal for your whole family of 4.

One thing to keep in mind is your local power company price will never go down, it will always go up as time passed by. You will always pay higher each year whether it’s a 1% increases or 5% increases they have the power and control the price and nothing anyone can do about it, sure you can complain about 5% is too much and government step in and the outcome will probably come to 4.5% increases instead of 5%and sometime no changes because they argue stronger than we can.

On Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 8:03:20 AM EST, PECO [email protected] wrote:
Dear Customer,
At PECO, we are committed to delivering safe and reliable energy to our customers and the communities we serve. In early 2018, PECO filed an electric delivery rate request with the PA Public Utility Commission (PUC). We’re writing to inform you that the PUC approved new rates which will go into effect on January 1, 2019.
The rate changes will be offset by the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, resulting in a less than 1% increase on customer bills. For a typical residential customer using 700 kWh per month, monthly bills will be increasing around $1. Additionally, customers will also see a one-time credit in January of about $35 due to tax savings from the Act.
These rate changes provide essential funding for maintenance of our electric delivery system and investments in new technologies to better serve our customers.
We look forward to providing you with enhanced services as a valued customer.
Thank you.
PECO. The future is on.
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