at it again more scam coming? CoinBox & LivePod

It’s already been like what, how many years now when started their scam? making people in believing the project, and after many promises of giving their community of supporter coins it never happened as they said, lie after lied. It started with giving communities many coins, then got reduced to 50%, then eventually to 10%, then now as of today nobody received any coins from coinstarter that worth anything, just broken promises and extending their time on pretending to working on something special, nothing was ever came in real use case. Sadly many people loss their money ETH BTC buying into this, even more depress that nothing people can about it because no one know what or who this company owner or run by who and who to contact, nothing authority can do either.

On Monday, December 24, 2018, 7:19:22 PM EST, CoinStarter [email protected] wrote:
CoinStarter is excited to announce the first coin officially part of CoinBox.
Meet LivePod.
LivePod has dropped 1,000,000 LVPD tokens into CoinBox. CoinBox members will receive these tokens when CoinBox goes live, and we are close to launching!
What is LivePod?
LivePod is a video distribution platform that provides
services to you at a much lower cost.
They merge Skype, YouTube and a live webinar platform on the blockchain – all at a fraction of the typical cost.
When will we activate CoinBox to early members? Soon. CoinBox is a work in progress as we sign up new members and process applications for coin creators. We are diligent during this initial beta period to accept only projects/coins that we think are viable for our members. That said, we are super excited on both technology fronts. The onboarding process for members is running smoothly and the coin applications coming in from coin creators have met our expectations.
As we move coins from the application process into CoinBox, we’ll notify all CoinBox members. There will be many more announcements in the coming days and weeks!
The entire team at CoinBox wishes you a happy holiday and a prosperous 2019!
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