Many changes to the arb tokens platform users still cannot easily withdraw profit to exchange

According to the telegram chat group of, after a wave of big complaints about abot stop and start price remain issue, including the famous $200,000.00 USD investors, there are a few of them, the chat group appears to have quiet down a bit, and the reason probably because those people whom complaint got banned or muted. A few big investors call it quit, even though they have profited big time and probably already got their ROI (return of investment) back already. However these people still complaint and I believe they have the right to do so, some may think they’re greedy, some think not because of the communication issue that the owner operators of the platform poor communication, did not send notification to let the investors know of the changes ahead of time, and it is a big issue for a project that have the word professionals in it (the professional arbitrage…)

New restriction implemented earlier today and again no email or announcement was posted or sent, but it is later pinned on telegram chat group. The restriction included: (1) suspension of arb token being sent into arb platform whether it’s from your external exchange like coinexchange or your local wallet like mew, (2) arb token sitting in your system wallet cannot be sold – if you move your arb from system wallet to exchange and try to sell it, chances are it will get cancelled, if you move your profit earned to system wallet, the same will happen, so make sure you move your earned profit to earned exchange not system wallet. (3) it is very difficulty or maybe next to impossible for some people with slow internet or slow clicking finger to sell any arb, the message will say either block does not exit, filled full, and so on. (4) lastly have a big communication issue now a day, decision being made to change functionality of the platform not being announced ahead of time, so this making being in control making people believe owner operator of arb platform can do anything they want including shutting it down? sadly if it got shut it’s a loss for everyone and nothing you can do about it, they don’t have real people working registered here in the state, it’s easy for owner to leave and never be found. So those are the big four issues at the moment to think about.

So what will happen and where do we go from here? – as it seems, arb platform are now having issues each day for the past 2-3 weeks and counting. The older investors are getting worried especially those have not gotten their return of investments (ROI) back yet. The new investors worrying to get in because of the older investors having daily issue and voice their complaint being seen in public. The owner operator always voice their message that what they’re doing is improving the platform functionality, doing it without user’s knowing of what exactly what they do. However some people think that, we do not need to know because you already have daily profit of 0.5% equivalent to 20% monthly.

Lastly I just want to reiterate about these type of project. I don’t want to say it’s a hyip (high yield investment program) but you can look up the definition on your own google it. This type of project usually don’t have a physical person representing the project, meaning you don’t have the actual CEO owner saying that he or she is the owner. However this have an owner or CEO so David Peterson, and some people said they have met the man. This will make people believe more in the project because they believe that if something goes wrong scam, he can run away hide and probably very difficult or impossible to find. If you look at cointellect, they have an owner CEO and employees, they attended convention and have their own booth of the program and sponsored many programs, but guess what? in the end not even 6 months in operation, they disappeared and no one know where they went and nothing anyone can do about it, sure there was police report but nothing was actually done because it’s not fiat. So be careful, get educated, don’t cry because of your lack of knowledge causing you to loose money. Sorry to say that because I’ve been there before, don’t invest in anything you cannot afford to loose, it’s better to have a real paying job working for someone, there is no easy money method that last long time, there isn’t one.

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  1. comment from telegram group chat: Its in the plstform announcements tab
    1. Have your ARB’s on the exchange ready (select the correct wallet on top left)
    2. Wait for top left block to fill.
    3. Once it fills, bottom right may open an empty block (not always though
    4. When you see an empty block make sure you’ve done your math to know how many units of tokens you can sell.
    Example: $500 limit / $17.00 token = 29.4, so I put in 28 to be safe, or just use 25 if you prefer that increment.
    5. Once the block shows up, click it, type in the number, hit sell.
    6. If it’s filled and you get “does not exist” then you need to wait for the next empty sell block.
    7. If you typed in 25 on the last block the next block will remember.
    8. On the second attempt all you need to do is 2 clicks, the sell block and the button “sell” in red.

    Good luck, have patience, this is just temporary I’m sure.

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