Holiday approaching fast Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 – what’s your new year resolutions?

Well, Christmas is now and New Year is just around the corner. What’s my New Year resolutions? – well, first of all again English is my second language and I just love writing, and I hope that I can improve as time go by with grammar and vocabularies usage, as you can see, I’m all messed up with grammars and vocabularies, this is just to say if anyone is reading my blog LOL, other than that I’m just writing for myself to understand because who knows, one day I will loose my memory and can go back and read what I’ve written. I have other blogs that are completely personal stored in the cloud with 2FA next to impossible to crack but I guess it’s better than having a diary book place somewhere where other people see it and open it up to read more easier than a secure 2FA digital file.

My New Year resolution #2 – I would like to make enough money to support to my wife and two kids, that is all I want. Have enough for food and transportation, would be nice to go on vacation once a year to another countries, one country per year. I just want a simple life, I don’t need no lambo, or a mansion, if I have extra money I would give it to the poor or use that money to invest in something and have passive income for future family generations.