vs. internal platform impossible to sell your arb today?

Around 1AM Eastern USA time, coinmarketcap put ARB token coin from top 80th coins to 1788th coin. So what’s going on? according to the message posted on telegram chat group below, there seems to be circulating issue, but it’s been more than 10 hours and still arb token coins are still in the 1788th place?

Crypto Dalit I ARB², [18.12.18 00:59]
Don’t panic, once Coin Market Cap update the circulating supply info the rank and market cap will show the correct value

More and more people, in the telegram chat group voice their concern about not being able to sell their ARB token coins today because of the new blocks either give them an error message of “This block is full, please place your order in next available block.” or “block does not exist” for over 10 hours already as of now. Many people are now very concern about these messages. Some express their hypothesis that these indeed tied to high yield investment program (HYIP), where at the beginning the program make it easy for people to go in and out of the investment, flawless profit withdrawal sold to ETH, then operator make it harder to withdraw profit but still easy to invest. However as time go by, the program even make it more harder to withdraw profit, for certain day or days impossible to withdraw or sell your profit, now for arbitraging arb they will now let you stop invest anytime and withdraw your arb tokens however you will not be able to sell it on internal arb exchange because of the new change, if you need to sell at a loss or so then external exchange like coinexchange will be your last resort, again you will loose profit because internal exchange and external exchange have a big price different. arb token coin top 100 (80th) coin now dropped down to 1788th coin today 12/18/2018 however it seems to have to do with coins circulation synchronization or so they say, will have to see, only time will tell.

Below is what people saw today for over half a day already and still continuing on, most if not all investors in arb able to sell their arb token today, some still have faith and hope this issue will get resolved soon like arb always did. Will have to wait and see in the next coming days. However you can still sell your arb profit by moving it to your external exchange coinexchange and sell your arb from there, but again the price is so much different from internal and exchange, $11 vs. $7 you loose at least $4 per coin as of now. Arb tokens exchange platform both internal and external exchange appears to have some kind of manipulation going on.Hope it just temporary otherwise this arb will be view as not so good soon, and the competitor like novachain will take over top investment programs. internal exchange platform for arb ethereum selling arb profit seems to have been blocked by the block message popping up either saying “this block is full, please place your order next available block” or “block does not exist”