new update appears to be working well

If you’re doing some investment with you would probably know that they have implemented new features and continue to improve as they say. Although still some improvements are still under work in progress, but the primary functionality of buying arb with ETH and put arb to abot and off course taking profit are working normal as usual according to most if not all active users. Seems to be working quite well according to the telegram group chat.

Now just be careful with these programs and similar projects, many people classified these as high yield investment program because it is a crazy profit of 0.5% or more daily that’s average to 22% monthly. Your local bank in the USA don’t even offer 4% annually and these platform somehow was able to offer 0.5% daily average to 22% monthly. It is connected to HYIP (high yield investment program) however it is working and paying. Many people question about the actual bot working in the background, so call “proprietary” or private and they don’t want to release that bot to the public on what/how it able to profit, let’s keep it as that. Just keep in mind it’s been working for a year and many believe it will continue for years since ARB went live when the market crashed and hasn’t pick up since, in fact the cryptos market continue to go down and down, but ARB is still working. So many think that if ARB can survive this down trend for another few months, maybe indeed they have something working.

Dear ARB Nation!
Along with numerous highly innovative changes with the exchange system and our ecosystem, we are also applying some changes to the aBOT so it is best fit with the new economics.
From now on, by stopping your aBOT, the tokens are automatically sent to your Exchange Earned Wallet. From there, you can sell them on the Internal Exchange when you have your Exchange Earned Wallet selected. Keep in mind that your Exchange Earned Wallet cannot transfer to your main wallet, nor back to aBOT.
aBOT Start price will be picked from the live market price of ARB token. Stop price function will be removed (when prices meet) and stopping your aBOT active investment will now result in a flat fee of 4% of amount stopped.
 Abot profits can send to system wallet to hold and withdraw, or can be send to exchange earned to sell
 Taking active $ out of abot goes automaticly to exchange earned to just sell
 Buy orders can be placed with following the row of the block, so need to have a full block before the block you wan to put a buy order on
 Golden blocks are only a present for buyers, NOT sellers
 If LOWEST block isn’t gone be filled complete after 1hour than it wil be shifted and replaced by a lower priced block