ARB tokens “ARB 2.0 Unveiled 12/16/2018! (LIVE)” still probably one of the most popular high yield investment program out there that tied to cryptocurrencies still alive and well, among all other programs and platform out there that function like high yield level investment (HYIP) it is the most popular one now. Next to it is which has been constantly under maintenance and probably struggling to survive the cryptocurrencies crashed over the past months. Don’t be surprise when one day these platform disappeared because it can be and will be and nothing you can really do about it, just a few people that know the owner and probably can’t do anything about it either, it had happened in the past like bitconnect and nothing anyone can really do about it, they disappeared and no one know the owner since cryptos are decentralized.

On Sunday, December 16, 2018, 9:11:21 PM EST, David Peterson (ARB) [email protected] wrote:
I will be going live at 10PM CST unveiling the new Arbitraging platform. You have heard the rumors and remarks from beta testers or “insiders” but there are several things that NOBODY has seen!!
What is the new exchange and how does it work?
Are undercutters permanently eliminated?
What is happening to the abot stop/start?
Are auto ETH payments happening?
Is the ARB vault opening?
What is changing about aBot?
Are the days of single-digit ARB behind us and triple-digit ARB’s on the horizon?
I am not going to fill this email with FOMO because that isn’t my thing. All will be revealed on the live stream.
I am so proud to present this to you. As I have said on previous live streams I have invented many products that are patented and licenced but people close to me (Crypto High Profile Experts) say this is one of the most ingenions inventions I have ever come up with.
You can join me live here:
See you soon,
David Peterson
David Peterson (ARB)
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