PDF editor online that I use “https://www.sejda.com/pdf-editor”

Although you may have a lot of choices on software to use for PDF editor. The one I use is https://www.sejda.com/pdf-editor it’s very fast and easy to use, no account needed. However I do not recommend editing any of your personal data such as identity information on any of these websites, you may never know whether they kept your data or not although it’s encrypted on their server, but they may de-crypt if they wish. 

To me it’s definitely safe and ok to edit like a guide or manual, or some public information posted widely everywhere. Definitely stay away from editing your information that contain personal data like your real name, address, phone #, driver license, passport, and so on. If you want to edit personal data, then might be best to get a local version, not web-base one unless that web-base is like bank or government with military security to safeguard your data.