Cheapest prepaid non voip phone service plan $3 a month texting only

Now a day many online services that required an account will most likely ask for your verification. Most likely the second authentication to secure your account like 2FA would required a non VOIP phone #. The reason for non VOIP phone # is harder to hack crack spoof. If you have a VOIP phone line most likely it utilized the internet for voice instead of the GSM or CDMA actual antenna. However some phone company like Metro PCS are actually VOIP, it’s been flagged and confirmed from service like Paypal indicating that Metro PCS is voip phone # and you will have problem getting customer service from Paypal to talk about your account if you talk to them from your metro pcs phone.

Fortunately non-voip phone line service still exist today and the two that I like are T-Mobile pay as you go prepaid and USMobile also uses T-Mobile GSM antenna network and also Sprint CDMA Super LTE network. 

With T-Mobile you can get $3 a month lowest for data and voice. No fees, no hidden charge, nothing, unless you go over the limit, so check your limit for the $3, it changes so I will mention it here, mine was 30 text and 15mins talk a month. Activation is a little bit tricky and takes some time. You pay $10 for the sim card kit with activation code. Then $3 a month lowest.

With USMobile. Activation is super fast, the sim card kit is also cheap or FREE if you talk to customer support chat, they will give you a code. So if you have the FREE code, you will get the sim card free, then buy the lowest plan they have $1.50 for 40 text, but there are fees and tax. Service fees monthly is $2, text is $1.50 for 40 text and tax. So total come out to be $4.50 a month, a little more expensive than t-mobile.

These are the two good cheap non voip cell phone service.