The falling of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies price killed many business and when will it stop?

We don’t really know when will Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies will end the bear market, some legit prediction saying Bitcoin will bottom at $1300 before bear market really end, meaning that Ethereum will be back to $20 or lower. However at this time, and ever since, no one can really predict the price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it’s only through by luck. Even with the most complex computer system and program that predict prices in the market including stock, cannot predict the price of Bitcoin accurately. 

Example email below from eobot, they’ve confirmed that mining is no longer profitable and they are stopping all mining. Eobot I think is the most trusted mining business out there although small but they do promise and deliver what they promise and even have about 800 Bitcoin on a wallet for hackers to hack, but thus far unsuccessful no hacker can hack their cold wallet worth of 800 Bitcoin. I think eobot does have hardware mining somewhere not like others scam one. Eobot although small and mining is not really profitable today, but they’ve been around for a very long long time, can be trusted.

On Thursday, December 6, 2018, 4:02:00 PM EST, Eobot [email protected] wrote:
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Hello User #.
Due to the falling Bitcoin price, and the rising Bitcoin mining difficulty, version 4.0 of our Cloud GHS has been paused. It costs more money in electricity/maintenance fees than the AntMiner S9 devices mine every day in Bitcoin. Each day it costs $0.00021 per GHS to run, and it only mines $0.00017. It does not appear likely that the miners will again produce more in Bitcoin than it costs to run them in electricity, so we will be terminating the contracts.
In exchange, we can ship you the AntMiner S9 hardware, so you can run it in your own home. Each S9 DOES NOT include a power supply. You must pay for shipping and handling and that price will vary depending upon your location, but is approximately $135 USD. You need at least 12500 GHS 4.0 to take advantage of this offer, since each S9 unit is a 12500 GHS hashing unit. However, we have 100’s of extra units, so if you want one, please contact us. Please email us if you want more information or to take advantage of this redemption offer.
Eobot is still working on adding GHS 5.0 now that Bitmain has released the Antminer S15. Further details to come regarding 5.0 soon.
Until next time…happy mining,
-The Eobot Team
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