How long can and similar programs or projects survive? and are the two projects or programs that I believe are struggling to survive at this time even though they don’t show it. The Cryptocurrencies market has been down for over a month now, each day loosing more than 10% of the previous day, how long will this last? no one really know. 

Any prediction at this time can be right because no one really know. The so call bear market for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies had depleted $700 Billion off the exchange. If we look deeper outside of the Cryptocurrencies stocks are also down, most are down to all time low since 2 years ago 2016.

So the question can and and many other similar ones survive? To me I think will last the longest. However might have to potential to last long as well. Their team members are struggling to find ways to get more investors, struggling to come up with new plan to sustain the platform to survive live longer, it will be tough. As for transparency, both platform don’t show 100% transparencies. One have randomly make up # jumping here and there stating it make arbitraging trade from exchange to another, while the other one don’t show arbitraging at all, but did talk about how it work and have a physical person representing their team.

On Thursday, December 6, 2018, 9:54:21 PM EST, David Peterson (ARB) [email protected] wrote:
I have a very important announcement to make regarding support issues.
Our Support and Development team in the many things they have been working on have upgraded the system no longer requiring a security pin to create a support ticket.
This means all issues that do not pertain to account lockouts or 2fa can now have a support ticket.
If you have sent an email for any deposit issues or other account issues like changing personal information please go create a new ticket for that so that we can get to you asap.
All Support emails have been responded to if you have any issues pertaining to 2fa and account lockout please send emails to [email protected] for ALL other issues please use the support ticket portal.
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