How to make passive income in USD with and

The only two platform that people would probably trust now a day are and, however they both can disappear any day and nothing anyone can do about it, this including as well.

Just a side note, if you’re in telegram chat group for and, including in discord chat group channel and others one like reddit and bitcointalk, make sure you don’t say negative things, negative opinions, negative feedback, although true but they will ban you from talking in the chat group. You can ask questions, any questions, but don’t keep on repeating the question. 

Keep in mind that we do not have hard evidence or proof that these two platform are not ponzi scheme scam, so at this time it is safe to say they are ponzi scam, or also known as high yield investment program. Think about it, who would give you 0.5% to 1% daily profit? The maximum the bank would give you is 3% annually in the USA, in other countries could be a lot higher but not guaranteed those countries banking won’t collapsed and runaway with your money. So I would give 50% ponzi to, and 80% ponzi to have a physical person representing ARB, while does not, all we know is his voice but never a face. 

So knowing the above, now to the main topic. How to make passive income? Let’s take as example.

  1. $15K cash to start
  2. Buy $15K of ETH in gemini or coinbase
    1. Transfer $10K ETH to MetaMask wallet
      1. Move ETH from MetaMask to ARB platform (
      2. Buy ARB tokens with your ETH and invest in aBot.
    2. Keep the remainder $5k worth of ETH in gemini or coinbase
  3. Daily go into ARB platform at the exact time mention on the bot ID for aBOT to give you daily profit, withdraw the profit to Exchange
    1. Exchange your ARB to ETH, then transfer to your wallet and withdraw your ETH to your metamask wallet
    2. Immediately go to your gemini or coinbase and sell the same amount you profit from ARB to ETH. 
      1. Once ETH deposit to your metamask wallet, move it to gemini or coinbase.
    3. Repeat the process wallah! daily USD income. Don’t forget to claim tax because coinbase and gemini report your earning to IRS