All is well with and after maintenance except a few glitches here and there

After a day or more with under maintenance. Users cannot access their aBot to do anything, it will give them an error … blocked by admin. Well don’t get scare, you didn’t do anything wrong, just maintenance that feature being disabled temporary for a few hours. Now it is up and running functioning normally except small glitches here there like the transactions history don’t show up your earned abot arb token. However other important features like exchange arb to eth and withdrawal eth is working normally.

Look like the telegram channel the official channel now flagged not for support instead a new telegram channel was created for support only and discord channel for support also. Since the way telegram chat function security is very limited users get banned from channel but they can still access other people’s to message them to scam more.

The new channel I believe was for special invitation where you have to verify yourself in order to enter and get support, so call the support and media channel.