novachain surely have a lot of frequent email update to the users

Is more legit than Lately there has been frequent email update from are they making themselves to be more legit in order to attract more investors? while have broken promise on livestream from david peterson, the man so call himself david peterson said he will livestream several weeks ago but never did, never email on the schedule or livestream apology that he couldn’t make it. Are really working hard on something, if so, they’re not really transparent. Why are the supporter on youtube like adam hole crypto austin and so on, now investing on other platforms and didn’t talk much about much or not at all. Example adam hole has been talking about two other coins 99% of his video credits and skycoin, and crypto austin been saying he invested in other stuff like real estate stock and something big something bigger that have 100k telegram users pretty sure it’s same as adam hole, why are they talking about other coins rather than arb token coins now a day 99% of their video?

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, 10:12:06 AM EST, NovaChain wrote:

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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
We are enhancing our security measures in order to provide the highest level of protection possible. In order to help us implement these protocols we are asking users to verify the following:

All users should verify their deposit address and compare it with previous DEPOSIT addresses before sending ETH, NOVA or BTC to the platform.
As a practical measure, users should send a small test amount to their personal wallets to verify the correct address and wallet functionality.
The reason for these steps is to insure the latest upgrades are operating properly and help avoid any latent issues in the meantime.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Additionally, don’t forget to tune in to the groundbreaking interview with Jasson, or CEO, later this afternoon. He will be discussing the state of the crypto markets as well as the exciting direction the NOVACHAIN project is taking.

You can listen in at YOUTUBE CHANNEL AT WHAT TIME.



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