10% on eBay toys today end at 3pm Eastern US time but is toys cheap on ebay compare to amazon?

Ebay currently have a 10% off on all toys by using coupon code PLAYDAY, however is it cheaper than other websites or retail store? Well it depend on the toys.

I was looking for an ANKI VECTOR robot toy. Ebay have it for $200 cheapest and new. Auction ended with about $200 also new. Used one I wouldn’t want to buy because this toy I believe could worn out or degrade in quality as you use or play with them. Now searching on amazon.com this same toy cost only $174 with next day free shipping Prime.

So watch out, eBay is not always the cheapest. Before you buy anything on ebay, you might want to google search real quick for the same item same model and name to see if it’s cheaper elsewhere. In this case, I would have save $26 on amazon and get it shipped quicker than eBay.