Bitcoin is done go bye bye see you in a few years if it can maintain above $1000 soon

So what happened to Bitcoin price?

This is just my personal opinion from I observed and being in the cryptocurrencies for many years, ever since Bitcoin was at $1 or less, I mine Bitcoin with my laptop, never really bought any Bitcoin at the beginning because I feel skeptical about it and as the price go up and up, I created more mining computer but still didn’t believe in it much. Up to today I am still a little bit skeptical about this virtual currencies, however as I get to know more legitimate exchange like coinbase, bitstamp and gemini, I know it is becoming popular, but for how long? it kept going up and down, people said it’s a bubble some think it’s a ponzi pyramid scheme, some said the price go down because of correction, because of the whole stock market is going down.

Anybody guess could be correct about Bitcoin, to me, Bitcoin is still new although it’s been almost 10 years old, still government don’t know how to regulate it yet, although they treat it as capital gain tax like property and are tracking down on people whom profit from it in USD first then eventually track down on how much Bitcoin they have and how. Now if the price keep going down like this from $20,000 to %15,000 people thought it’s the lowest ERRR wrong, maybe $10,000 is the lowest ERRR wrong, how about $5000 for the whole year 2019 average lowest? ERR nope, it gone down to $3000 as of today. Could it go down further?

Could Bitcoin price go down further than $3000 in year 2019? my thought are:

  • Yes 50% chance it will go back down to $500 in year 2019
  • 25% chance it will go up to $10,000 in year 2019
  • 5% it will go back down to less than $1 in year 2019
  • 20% no one know any wild guess could be right, 1 cent to $1 million

If anyone have cash today, invest 25% in stock, 25% in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, 25% in bond, 25% in index funds. Keep your daily real job. Retire only when you have cash, hard cash in your hand or at least 100% guaranteed you have access within minutes.