Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple all continue to go down toward 2019 and furthermore

My personal opinion on the cryptos market is, all coins will continue to go down deep to the all time low toward the end of 2019. However any predictions can be right even wild guess for people that don’t even know what bitcoin is.

Look like Bitcoin repeated the same down turn few years ago where it got to $1000, then go down to deeply $150 then lurking at $200, and stabilized at $300 sitting duck for several years. Then all of a sudden it went back up to $1000 and then suddenly up to almost $25,000 on some exchange.

Therefore we may see Bitcoin will go down the same way it did few years ago and will stay at bottom for a great while before maybe will head back up again. Again, no bad news, some good news but still big crash, big down, drop like a rock. Again, back few years no good news, no news at all, it just shot up like a rocket to almost $25,000 on some exchange. Basically news don’t really dictate the upward or downward price of BTC much. However sometime government auction does.

So, basically even the largest Bitcoin firms and other cryptos related people whom have highest credential can influence the cryptocurrencies market still cannot predict the price falling. In fact, they predicted Bitcoin will go to at least $19,000 by the end of 2018 year. However it is currently at $3000 to $4000 and continue to go down deeper. No way it will reach $19,000 predicted at this time. All prediction are wrong so far. No bad or good news can influence the price, not even CNN money news, Forbes, … no one.

So therefore my personal opinion is that Bitcoin will repeat the same cycle as it did few years ago, it will go down and continue to go down deeper and maybe possible back to the $100 $150 then $250 then stabilized at $300 or $400 for several years before it will head up again. Knowing that the more people buy and hold, the price will continue to go up, if people sell, the price will go down. Apparently a lot of sold but no buy, or smaller buy volume. Could also be people don’t trust it. However if we look at the stock market it continue to drop as well.

No Christmas present for me this year, or perhaps maybe next year also.